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Celessa's Journal

The Etiquette Center

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Embracing Beyond These Starry Skies [A Profile Picture Of Me, My Avatar - As Shown From Above]
- Personal Thanks To My Good Friend Suzu, For Helping Me Take My Digital Camera Snapshot


Note: If you try to friend me just to make your list look bigger, I will ignore you.
No random strangers, please. Community friends only. I do apologize.

This is mainly because I'm just not too big on making far too many friends who I don't know
or even trust. I fairly believe that people who boasts about the number of friends they have
and how popular they really are, shouldn't be worth bothering to look after, no offense.

If you don't feel happy about me not being able to add you back onto my friend's list, live on with that reality.
Don't forget to post if you want me to add you. Likewise, I probably won't, and overlook the cause.

+ Careless swearing is always prohibited. If there's a lot of
inexcusable negativity going on, just don't add me, please.

+ Will only accept entries that do follow my interests [somewhat].
Otherwise, they will be filtered out accordingly to content / as you requested.

+ Members who apply as new friends of mine must be respectful in manner and courteous
to others and their given opinions towards the discussions, in every which way.

I am also pretty lenient towards those who do wish to keep their journals as private as possible, and for
those who can't help but argue at times, and let some steam come out of their system once in a while.
That is perfectly acceptable in my books, and its likely understandable through everyone's causes.

+++ Close friends of mine in the past will always have their entries visible in my friend's journal section,
and will never be removed from my account, regardless of these conditions above.


Friend Acceptances: Closed

I will not be accepting new friends currently at this particular
moment and time. My pardons for keeping a closed circle here.


**Celessa is a semi-active Livejournal user who posts on her journal her daily diary entries on
what she is currently thinking in the process, and about what's going on in her everyday
life thus far. She does not currently go to any forums consistently in particular other than
the one she administrates back at Japan, which is currently doing very well, traffic-wise.

"Even though I do take turns going back and forth between sites in Japan and North
America, I try to do my best in order to keep in touch with everyone."

Celessa also collects her own compilation of J-Pop music CDs, over a thousand in originals
from various artists she had bought formally in her music collection box, and hundreds of J-Pop
photobooks she often scans from various magazines stretching from GirlPop to Oricon Style, and
Scawaii. Personally, she only listens to the artists she really likes the most and never wishes to
boast herself as one who has the most J-Pop in the world. To her, it is just "a fun little hobby,"
something she really likes to enjoy listening at from time to time. In the private life of Celessa's,
herself, many of her closest friends would only consider that small little hobby of her's "a terrible
and contagious addiction that she will never let you get rid of."

Celessa currently lives in Japan for nearly five years now, but is also a fellow Canadian at heart.
She is an English-Korean "dance extraordinaire" who speaks fluently in both English and Japanese,
and tutors Japanese High school students in her spare time. She also heads and supercedes in the
top of her class in Kyoto as one of the finest Business Administration accountants ever to come on
board, more than equivalent to a CA [Chartered Accountant] declaration in Canada for someone
despite her young age, but as always, she would rather like to take it easy for the meanwhile.

"Live and love life. That's my motto."

Celessa's personality is often referred to as "bubbly, modest, and enthusiastic." Her worst pet
peeves involves anyone who often swears in a rude and unpoliteful manner, without even thinking.
She likes to play games during her spare time, go shopping with her friends and have a lot of fun
dancing and singing at her friend's house from time to time.

Her best friend is Rena, her favorite Japanese Pop artist of all time is Jun Shibata, and yes, her
favorite drink is nevertheless, the oh so dreadful, yet quench-worthy Root Beer. Even during her
tight little schedule over her entire lifetime, Celessa has always tended to be a busy person under
the scope of reality. Oh yes, and did I also forget to mention - she doesn't like to talk to complete
and utter strangers. The possibilites just never end.


Name: Claire [Canadian Citizenship], Miku Yukikawa [Japanese Citizenship] - Age: 17

Education: Ritsumeikan University
**Graduated in Accelerated Bachelors of Business Administration & Finances
[Officially 17 Years Of Age, March 2006]

Profession: Personal Finances Assistant, Audit Management, English Tutor To Japanese Students,
Marketing Advisor, World Class Dancer [Professional Choreography]

Alignment: Brilliance, Beauty, Spiritual Essence
Birthstone: Shimmering Diamond

Hobbies: Listening To Music, Playing Games, Writing Stories.
Favorite J-Pop Artists: Jun Shibata, Kaori Mochida [Every Little Thing], Ayumi Hamasaki,
Tomiko Van [Do As Infinity], Ai Takahashi [Morning Musume], Chihiro Onitsuka, and Mai Kuraki.

My Personal Quote: "No matter where you go, no matter how tough life
may be, just remember that always in your heart, you will still be loved."


**Note: Please do not use my personal avatar, for that photo represents a picture of me.

**Note: All the avatars marked by my name are made by me. Do not try in any way to edit or customize them.

**Note: All other avatars not marked by my name are made by other members at LiveJournal specifically. If you
are the creator of such an avatar, please don't hesitate to have me credit you right away, as I highly encourage it.


The Gentle Snow That Melts Your Heart - Photobook Artwork Image Scanned By Celessa